Dear Give Children Hope sponsors and friends,

We hope that you are having a great time as you read this letter.

It is only one month until summer vacation begins and the students are definitely excited for that. They also deserve a treat for themselves and their parents as they move one grade higher next school year.

This month is definitely one of the busiest months for the students as they accomplish what is needed before this school year ends. They will also be very busy preparing for their class year-end parties.

Alysa Benipayo is one of those students who is very thankful for everything she has enjoyed this school year. She is a 6th grader from Sua Elementary School and she is looking forward to be on the 7th grade next school year.

She has enjoyed all the fun times she had with her classmates and all the learning she has received from her teachers. She is also thankful for the daily meals and said that it made her healthy and strong. She hopes that her school will continue to have the Meals at School Program so other younger students will also receive the daily meals.

Thank you for giving Alysa a memorable school year. She definitely did not have to worry about going to school hungry but instead focus on learning and spending time with her friends at school.

Alysa Benipayo, 6th grader from Sua Elementary School

For the sponsored children,

Kristina Lou Calidayan Sunico-Nobles
Give Children Hope Volunteer
Former Give Children Hope sponsored child

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