Dear Sponsors and Friends,

Thank you for helping to make it the best year ever for Give Children Hope and the sponsored children. Your love and support has been greatly appreciated by the children and families you have helped.

Your donations have provided two of the most important means that children living in extreme poverty need to free themselves from extreme poverty – critical daily meals and school opportunities.

I am including two letters with the one I am sending to you. One is from Kristina Sunico and the other one is from Helen Agawin. Both work with our programs in the Philippines and they are, in large part, the reason why we are having such success with our Give Children Hope programs for the Filipino sponsored children.

I am thankful for friends like you who do so much to further the cause of the children. Life is very difficult for the children in the Philippines. Your love and support give the children hope even in times of great distress in their lives.

We send you our love from here and our best wishes for the coming holidays.

Don Cooper
Give Children Hope,
Chief Operations Officer