Dear Sponsors and Friends of Give Children Hope,

We hope that you are in good health and happy spirits as this letter arrives to you. It has been a very fun September and it was really quick, don’t you think?

The students have spent another busy yet fun month in their school. Specifically, the students in Sua Elementary School in Camarines Sur had a holiday as they have celebrated their Peñafrancia Festival that has been going since the Spanish times here in the Philippines..

I have learned that this month, you also celebrate one of the most important events in the American History which is the Columbus Day; the day Christopher Columbus discovered America. It is nice that this celebration has continued.

In the Philippines, we are now officially welcoming the Christmas season. The street have now been started to be dressed with colorful lights and other decorations though we still have to expect several typhoons as this month is still rainy season. Nevertheless, the decoration and celebration will still continue no matter how heavy the rains will be.

Also, we would like to give thanks for your continuous effort in supporting the Meals at School Programs of Give Children Hope in Sua and Maravilla Schools.

We are halfway through the ending of this school year and a number of students will be graduating from elementary school and hope to get higher education. We are thankful for your continuous support. You have given them so much more than the meals.

The Give Children Hope donations of books and other school materials are being enjoyed by the children so well. They are such a big help for these students as they books are really scarce in their library. Each student does not really get to have their own set of books and with regards to other school supplies, their parents have to work double time so that they could afford to buy their children new pairs of shoes. Some are hand-me-downs from their distant relatives.

We are grateful for all your help to these children, these materials may be used, but it is a new thing and a new hope for them. Not only the children are happy but also the parents are so grateful that you have been an avenue to provide their kids these school materials.

They have been enjoying the benefits of the Meals at School Program as they get the nutrition and the energy that they need for the day. They also enjoy helping around and it is teaching them a sense of responsibility and helping them realize how grateful they are to be the beneficiaries of this Meals at School Program of Give Children Hope.

We extend our deep love and appreciation to all of you. May your families be blessed with good health and continuous prosperity.

For the sponsored children,
Kristina Lou Sunico-Nobles