Project Description

Improving Health

Out of the 90+ million people living in the Philippines, many do not get access to basic care and as a consequence the Philippines has a high maternal and newborn mortality rate. The poor are especially vulnerable to poor health conditions since they have limited access to care facilities, which are already understaffed.

Many young Filipinos face treatable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, and measles, as well as neo-natal conditions. These diseases are impacted by nutritional deficiencies that are becoming increasingly common and are still among the biggest causes of child deaths in the Philippines. There is also a high rate of obesity with heart disease.

One of the ways Give Children Hope’s global programs assist children who live in poverty is by educating poor families on the importance of proper nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation. We have implemented a Nutrition Month to get children excited about eating right, and we work hard to ensure that healthy meals are the standard for all the children we provide support to.

A donation to Give Children Hope gives a hungry child critical food, health and nutrition assistance, clean water, and a chance to receive an education. PLEASE HELP an impoverished child or family with a sponsorship!

Please join with us as a partner in eliminating needless suffering.

Please Give What You Can,
Give Children Hope

Our Food at School Program

Critical Food

More than 27,000 children die everyday, mostly from preventable causes such as hunger-related malnutrition. We provide thousands of meals a day to impoverished children.


We believe that every child deserves a chance to receive an education. Our school programs focus on removing impediments to school attendance and keeping the child in school.

Health & Nutrition

Basic health care and proper nutrition is critical to alleviate the suffering of children living in dire poverty. Your donations and sponsorship provide vital support for children in need.

Living Improvements

Nearly 80% of all illnesses in impoverished countries can be traced back to lack of clean water. Safe housing and access to reliable water is vital to a child’s well being.


Children’s hunger and poverty can be wiped out. It doesn’t take much to change a life,
your donation of $29/month will sponsor a child and change a life.