Dear Give Children Hope Sponsors,

How have you been this past month? We hope you had a nice Holy Week! School is off until the first week of June so the kids are out having their vacation with some relatives. We have been experiencing really hot weather these days which is usual during summer, but oftentimes, we think that the weather is too hot. Most homes in the Philippines have no cool air coming in so we sometimes spent time in the air-cooled stores.

We’ve had graduation ceremonies in April and some in May. We are glad to let you know that we’ve had a number of sponsored children who have graduated and will begin another chapter of their life. I know that they are so thrilled to be on the next level of their education. We thank you for being a part of that. It is one of the most wonderful experiences in a student’s life.

The Meals at School Program continues to feed the children in Sua and Maravilla Elementary School. We are excited for the next school year to begin in June. Being part of this program really gives us a sense of humanitarianism. These kids are really in need and we thank you for helping them.

As we celebrate also this month to give honor to all our wonderful mothers, we asked the children how their mothers have supported and inspired them throughout their life.

Enos Tantiangco, a sponsored elementary school student with our Give Children Hope Meal Program, said: “My mother has been my greatest teacher and has given me support, from homework and with the little decisions that I am now beginning to make”.

Another 3rd grade girl whose mother has been helping with feeding meals for the children said: “My mother is one of the most supportive persons in my life. My mother would always remind me of the importance of school and would always say that there are people who are like angels that are willing to help those nice children. My mother would always tell me: ‘The Meals at School Program is one of the things that these good people bring to them'”.

I know for myself that there are a lot of kindhearted mothers out there. The mothers of the sponsored children in the school where we feed the children have been so great in helping us from the very start. They are at the school early in the morning to gather wood and to prepare the food for the days meals for the children. They always make sure that these children are all full. I know that they have a lot of little and great sacrifices. We all commend them!

You have been a great help to these children and to their families. Your every dollar donations goes a long way and every single dollar goes out to feed the children. We are so blessed to have you!

May you have a wonderful mother’s day celebration! We give thanks to all the sponsors and to all the mothers everywhere.

Kristina Sunico, Manila, Philippines
For the Give Children Hope Sponsored Children