Dear Give Children Hope

Hello from the Philippines! The Meals at School Program in Sua Elementary School is almost 3 months old now! Everything is going well and the children are getting fed everyday. The Principal, Mrs. Isabel Cordez, told me that the children are now a lot heavier, active, and have sparkling eyes!

I have talked to one parent and she said how grateful she is for this wonderful program of Give Children Hope. She knows, and is assured, that her children will not go hungry as long as they go to school. Because her children do not have a good breakfast in their home due to poverty, for her and her children, this is a great blessing.

They are sad that 3 months is almost over… they ask me and hope that this program will still continue to feed their children for the future. With your continued support and efforts, we can continue to bless their lives as needed.

On behalf of all these people… A million thanks to all of you!!!

Helen Grace Agawin
GCH -Cam Sur