Dear Give Children Hope,
This day is probably one of the best days for all of us. The weather is ideal – fine and windy with cool temperature. We went there around 1:30pm with my mom, my daughter and son-in-law, and an 11-year-old nephew. We all witnessed the cooperative parents of the students as they helped during the food preparation/cooking. They were all happy thinking that their sons/daughters will be fed again and they will no longer worry for their food after school in the afternoon. They were so grateful and even much delighted upon knowing that the feeding project will be held on a daily basis now. The teachers were also giving feedback on the good effects of the activity. Children are more active at school and absences were lessened because they try to look forward to the happy eating time. Children were saying they are full and they were happy to know the good news about “everyday feeding project”. You know, some of these kids here scarcely eat in their own homes. This project is really helpful to them. I hope I can impart to you my real emotions with some pictures that I have sent you. Your generosity is really helping these kids.