Dear Give Children Hope Sponsors and friends,

We were sad to hear about Hurricane Sandy that devastated so much of the northeast in the U.S.until Tuesday of this week. We express our sorrow for those many lives that were lost in the storm, especially for the loss of the three children who were in harm’s way. This is always so sad.

Most everyone here has experienced the sorrow, and the suffering of at least one major hurricane (called Typhoon here) that has terrified us and taken the life of a loved one or a child we have known.
We pray for those many people that were affected by this horrible storm and that they may have our Lord’s blessings.

Here in the Philippines we have entered the month for giving. Our sponsored children here in Manila and our 600 children receiving the Give Children Hope Meals at School Program at Maravilla and Sua Elementary Schools give thanks to each of you for sponsoring them with daily meals that they so much need. Also, thank you so much for the books, clothing, and your love in remembering us.

Two of your sponsored children here in Manila named Enos aged 15 and Abib aged 7 both want to express their gratitude for the help you have been extending to them. “We have been so blessed by this sponsorship from Give Children Hope, our sponsors help us buy our food, school books, and food.” They know that going to school is very important and they want to study harder.

Like these children, I too have a lot of things to be thankful for. When I was at their age, I was so thankful for many things even for simple things. I was thankful for my friends, for my family, for my things in school, for my food and for almost everything.

I was so happy with everything. Especially, I was thankful for my sponsorship from Give Children Hope, it has helped me, my siblings and my family during the troubled times.

I was so grateful to receive letters from my sponsors asking how I was and them sharing their life to me. I feel so loved, I still keep those letters and I will always be grateful for them. My sponsorship has been a great help to me. It was there when I needed food, things in school, and to pay for my school fees. The sponsorship has become a great part of my life. I love those memories and will always be thankful for that.

We hope that despite the devastation from the hurricane many have experienced, you will be able to have a lovely Thanksgiving Day.

Kristina Sunico-Nobles

Our prayers for you and your families from the sponsored children.