To our Dearest Sponsors and Friends of Give Children Hope,

We hope that everything is doing well with you and your families.

Children had their vacation about a week ago and they are ready for the summer vacation. Some graduated from elementary school, where graduations were held prior to the coming Easter. It was a very beautiful scenario to see the children go up the stage and receive their graduation diploma. Parents are undeniably very overwhelmed by these events in their children’s lives. I can still remember the feeling I had when I graduated from elementary school as Salutatorian, I was then a sponsored child by Give Children Hope. I realized then that being poor is not a hindrance for a child to finish school and graduate with achievements. I am very blessed also to have “Give Children Hope” play a big role in helping me get through elementary school. I was so overwhelmed at that time while delivering my speech thanking all the people and my family in helping me achieve my dreams.

I know that your sponsored children in Maravilla and Sua Elementary Schools will be in that same situation sooner, I know how it feels to be able to finish a milestone in your life and especially if you have done with your sacrifices and the sacrifices and love of the people around you. It is so lovely to see a sponsored child graduate and receive his diploma. I was so happy at that time while writing letters to my sponsors of how happy I am during and after my graduation ceremony. I know that you will be very happy to see your sponsored children graduate sooner.

As we all celebrate Easter Season, allow us to thank you for all the help you have been extending to us. The Meals at School Program of Give Children Hope is being sustained through your generous donations. It continues to feed more than 600 elementary school children every day from Maravilla Elementary School in Iloilo and Sua Elementary School in Camarines Sur. It continues to supply them their critical meals every day. It helps them and their parents develop a sense of responsibility as they also help in preparing all the meals for the day.

Let me show you here one of the graduation pictures from Maravilla Elementary School. You can see the rest of the pictures by visiting Give Children Hope on Facebook.

May you have a blessed Easter and we extend our love to you and your family.

For the sponsored children,
Kristina Sunico-Nobles