Dear Give Children Hope sponsors and friends,

We hope that you are doing well and enjoying your day.

You may have heard from the news that our country was hit by Typhoon Mangkut just recently. Fortunately, it did not bring much damage to the areas where the sponsored schools are located but very sad for the other parts of our country that were greatly devastated. There were much flooding and landslides especially in the Baguio and Cebu areas which took lives and damaged a lot of properties. Though we always prepare for these kinds of calamities, we still will never know how much damage they could cost. We are just so grateful that there are a lot of people who are ready and quick to provide help to those areas.Difficult situations really become easier to bear when people are ready to extend help.

This month’s feature is also about extending help. Neet Dolormente is a mother of students from Dolores P. Tirador Elementary School. She volunteers to help prepare meals for the children. She is so grateful for the Meals at School Program that feeds her and other children every day. Her family’s finances may not always be enough to provide all the things that her children need, especially the food supply but parents like her will do anything just to provide their children’s needs.

We thank all the sponsors and friends of Give Children Hope for taking away some of the parents’ worries. Thinking about how to send your kinds with full stomachs with your very little income is a very heartbreaking thought for parents. We thank you all for extending your love for the children and for helping their parents as well.

Parent volunteers just like Neet Dolormente are really doing a great job in making sure that the children gets the food safe, nutritious, and hot prefect for what the children need each day.

For the sponsored children,

Kristina Lou Calidayan Sunico-Nobles
Give Children Hope Volunteer
Former Give Children Hope sponsored child