Dear Sponsors,

We hope that you are in high spirits as you read this letter.

It is semestral break for the children here in the Philippines. It’s the time when students of all levels have a week off from school. Also, everybody here is so excited for the long weekend we have to enjoy next week. It’s a National holiday from October 31st until November 1st. It’s our Memorial Day here and a time for people to spend time with their family and pay respect to their dead loved ones as one of the traditions that we follow. It is really such a wonderful few days to be with our family despite all the worries and stresses of everyday life.

The Meals at School programs for the past month have been so great. We thank all the parents who volunteer to prepare food for the more than 700 students in Sua and Maravilla Elementary Schools. For the parents, this is one way of thanking the people who feed their children. They feel a sense of responsibility that even though their life in the countryside is difficult, with your help, they can still do something to provide food for their dear children.

The parents, together with the Give Children Hope volunteers, are there every day, checking every detail to ensure that every child will be fed well. I’ve never heard of any organization that gives your dollar donations direct to the children and lets parents be a part of the program. Your every dollar donation goes directly to feed more than 700 elementary school children in the desperate areas of Camarines Sur and Pototan, Iloilo.

The Sua Elementary School in particular, feeds more than 300 elementary students every day. They serve the meal every morning as the schedule of the classes takes the whole day for the schools in the country-side. The parents prepare different menus everyday so that the kids could get a taste of what different foods taste like.

The students don’t get to eat these foods at home, so it makes them really happy and excited every day for the Meals at School program. There is a pre-school meals program at the schools for the children in the morning and afternoon shifts.

Your dollar donations have been creating a great difference for the children in these areas. We are all so grateful for all the help that you have been extending for their benefit. Thank you for the opportunity that you’ve been giving them to enjoy school and be fed well.

We hope you have a wonderful falls season. Enjoy it as much as we will.

For the Sponsored Children,
Kristina Sunico