Dear Sponsors,

Time has gone so fast and we are now on our last month for this year. How is your country and families preparing for the coming Christmas?

Our families are blessed by your kind and loving hearts. The Meals at School Program continues to feed the children at Maravilla and Sua Schools We see a lot of noticeable changes in terms of the children’s physical appearance and their study habits. Many parents notice that their children have gained weight that makes them look a lot better than their previous frail looks.

Philippines is now so busy with all the Christmas bazaars, lights, Christmas caroling, and all the traditional things that we usually do as the Christmas day approaches. We love this feeling, no matter how busy everyone may be. This is because they are preparing for this season to be celebrated with their families. It is really wonderful when families are together.

The children have been very excited to go to school and they study their lessons well, since hunger is no longer a worry for them. The parents want to send their messages to all of you that you are saving their children from hunger. They want so much to thank you in person. Here’s a short note of thanks from Helen Grace, Meals at School coordinator, by two of the mothers with children at Sua School:

Norma Buena approached me and said that she and many Sua people are so grateful for the Meals @School given everyday to their children. They hope that someday they can see you all in person so they could show their gratitude.

She also made mention of a mother who told her, that the Meals at School are SAVING her children from hunger …. everyday. This is how they value the help you are all giving. Your help means so much to them.

Thank you for all the support you have been giving the children. You have made the life of these children so happy. The children value their education so much and I know that they don’t want to miss a single day in school.

May you have wonderful Christmas and may you all feel our love for you through the many miles and waters.

For the Give Children Hope
Sponsored children

Kristina Lou C. Sunico