Dear Sponsors and Friends of Give Children Hope

As we enter this special month of December we want to thank you for what you have done to help the Filipino children here in the Philippines this year.

Your donations and children’s sponsorships have given over 600 very poor schoolchildren nutritious, daily meals at Sua and Maravilla Elementary Schools.

During this year you have made it possible for these 600 sponsored children to receive 1,222 math and reading books for their school use.

In addition you have made it possible for these sponsored children to receive their much-needed school supplies for their schools.

Through your sponsorship and support, the children have been blessed with shipments of clothing, shoes, and personal dress things they needed to feel good and look good while at school and at home.
You have given these sponsored children a chance to receive a good education that will help them and be remembered by them all their lives.

I want to thank you for giving these children so much this year. The children here at the Sua and Maravilla Elementary schools send thanks to you for helping them so much. They send their love to you with this letter. They wish you a Merry Christmas and that you may have happy holidays to come.

One of the sponsored children you have helped this year is Enos, who lives here in Manila. Enos is at a school here in Manila that doesn’t have the Meals at School Program as they are in Southern Luzon. But he wanted to let you know that he is very thankful for the sponsorship fund you have been giving him. He says, “I am getting so much busy with school but I am loving it. Being a student here is fun. Your sponsorship fund has helped me with the food and school help I need. I knew from the Give Children Hope that you have been helping to feed the children in both Sua and Maravilla Elementary Schools. The children with the feeding have a great thing for them. Thank you for helping children like me.”

“All the other sponsored children wanted to extend thanks for the sponsorships you have extended to them, for providing their food and for their school needs. These little children are very happy whenever they see that they have complete set of school supplies in their bags, just like me. I am so happy that thru the sponsorship, all of my school needs are being pr ovided; That was so helpful and I greatly appreciate the help you have given me me, from then till now.”

Not only your sponsored children are grateful for your help and are excited for Christmas but almost everyone here are sharing the love around. The places are being covered with lights and lanterns. They are all so magnificent. We do not have snow but it is starting to get cold, the more it brings the Christmas feeling.

Here in the Philippines our sponsored children here in Manila and our 600 children receiving the Give Children Hope Meals at School Program at Maravilla and Sua Elementary Schools give thanks to each of you for sponsoring them with daily meals that they so much need. Also, thank you so much for the books, clothing, and your love in remembering us.

In behalf of the sponsored children, we would like to great you and your families a Merry Christmas. May you enjoy this great season with your families. We hope that you will feel our love for all of you.

For the Give Children Hope sponsored children,
Kristina Lou Calidayan Sunico-Nobles