Dear Sponsors and Friends of Give Children Hope,

We hope you are having wonderful weather as you read this letter. The entire Philippines is now experiencing a very hot summer. Temperature would most of the time reach 36-37 degrees Celsius which is sometimes really unbearable. We are all being cautioned about heat strokes on its prevention and first aid. Just a day ago, it rained in the afternoon and surprisingly, it had little ice pellets. It’s not like a hailstorm but a moderate rain with a lot of small and big ice pellets. It made the weather cooler for a moment. We hope that your weather is not making you feel very uncomfortable, as for us, we are somehow adjusted to this kind of temperature.

It’s still a month left for summer vacation and the students are on their vacation spree. This is the time when most students would be vacationing with their relatives from other towns and some of the kids will just be staying home and helping their parents with whatever summer business they have started. I know an 8 year old boy who lives a few blocks away from my house who is helping his parents with their summer business. They are selling the very famous summer treat called Halo-halo have you ever heard of this? It is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl. The boy receives daily “salary” from his parents at the end of the business day. It is so wonderful to watch this boy as he is really into it. He is really focused on his responsibilities and it makes me think that this boy may be saving for something he wants to buy sooner. This is one way that kids learn to be responsible and learn the value of hard work and saving. I believe that most of the students in Sua and Maravilla Elementary Schools are doing this as well. I can attest to how hardworking these kids are and they really deserve to be rewarded.

Aside from being hardworking, the students have been very supportive of the Meals at School Program. If you have seen in most of the pictures on our Facebook page, the students would wait on the basketball court gate for the supplies of the day’s meal, and help unload and transport the supplies from the basketball court to the school ground which is a few meters away.

Sometimes 2-3 students help lift the sack or wood for the fires to cook the food and some would need the help of a wheelbarrow or pushcart. They are so happy doing this and I know that this thing gives them a sense of responsibility and they take care of every food ingredient and material so it reaches the school safely and without any damage. The feeding continues to feed the more than 600 students from Maravilla Elementary School in Pototan, Iloilo and Sua Elementary School in Camarines Norte.

In addition to the Meals at School Program, here’s what’s happening for the children at these schools. From late last year until early this year, large shipments of more than 1000 books have been sent to these school providing each student at least 3 books/storybooks/coloring books. Also, there were schools supplies (notebooks, pens,pencils,crayons etc), clothings, shoes, washcloths, dish washing liquid, scotch brite, and liquid hand soap. Each child also received bowls, drinking cups, and plates. These additional items have helped the children a lot in their everyday school and Meals at School Program activities and they all help to keep and maintain these items, especially the feeding materials, in a good condition. There is still another item to be given to each of the children come June which is the start of a new school year. We will be posting pictures constantly on our facebook page so you will be updated. For these and more, we are so grateful.

I know that the students are all looking forward to the new school year. Your generous donations help us in sustaining the Meals at School Program. Thank you for being so willing to help Give Children Hope in making a difference in each of the student’s lives and in continuously providing their everyday critical meals. We are looking forward as well in helping more hungry children through our Meals at School Program and to provide more school supplies to them.

We are grateful for your generous donations, and we want to keep you updated through our Give Children Hope Facebook page. Your every donation goes a long way. I know that the children are very excited to come back to school and they all look forward to the Meals at School Program.

We are extending our thanks and Mother’s Day greetings to you and we pray for your good health and may you and your family be continued to be showered with joy.

For the sponsored children,
Kristina Lou Sunico-Nobles