Dear Sponsors,

This month is one of the most celebrated and meaningful months of the year. We celebrate with the world as we commemorate the sacrifice, death, and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Most of us have our own way of celebrating this meaningful event. Even the young ones have their own understanding of what this season is all about. We went and asked a few of the sponsored children what Easter means to them. A lot of heartfelt and genuine answers were gathered and here are a few:

“We celebrate Lenten Season for us to show how the Lord suffered. People stay away from eating porkas a way to show their sacrifice for the Lord. (“Ang mahal na araw ay isang paraan upang makita natin kung panonagdusa ang Panginoon. Bawal kumain ng karne dahil dito natin pinakikita angsakripisyong ating inalay para sa ating mahal na paginoon.) – Vanessa R. Melicor , Grade VI–

“Though we do a lot of different ways to show our celebration of this Lenten Season, it still means one thing, that the Lord suffered on the cross to save us from our sins. In this way, the Lord showed His love for us and He gave His life for us.” (Kahit maramingparaan upang maipakita and mahal na araw, iisa parin ang ibig sabihin nito, nanagpakahirap si Jesus sa krus upang mailigtas lang tayo sa atin mgakasalanana.Sa pamamagitan nito naipakita ni Jesus na mahal niya at handa siyangmagbuwis ng buhay para lag sa ating lahat. )- Isahel B. Tawagon, Grade V-A –

“During Lenten Season, the bus terminals are full of people going home to their hometowns to be with their families. Lenten Season is all about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ after 3 days.”(Tuwing mahal na araw ay punong-puno ang mga bus terminal dahilmaraming umuuwi sa kanilang pamilya. Ang mahal na araw ay tungkol sa pagkamatayat pagabuhay ulit ni Hesus pagkalipas ng tatlong araw.) – Sherlyn Anne B. Faner, GraDA IV-F

“Lenten Season begins on Holy Monday and ends on Easter Sunday. These days are when the Lord suffered so we could be free from our sins and the Catholics go to church.”(Ang mahal na araw aynagsisimula kapag Lunes Santo at nagtatapos kapag Linggo ng Pagkabuhay. Sa mgaaraw na ito ay naghihirap si Hesus upang maalis tayo sa pagkakasala. Ang pinakamaginhawasa lahat ay Linggo ng Pagkabuhay. Magsisismba ang lahat ng mga Kristiyano.) – Kay Wendy L. Dapadap Grade VI-T

These children came from diverse family backgrounds and from different religious denominations, but one thought unites what they have shared. For them, it’s all about the Savior, His love and sacrifice for us.

Thank you for helping bring these children together by the support you give them in their meals at school program. That program is the one great motivation for them to always be present in school. These children have been so happy and have lived a healthier life by the nutrition they get for every day’s feeding.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for helping feed over 600 children in Sua and Pototan’s Maravilla Elementary Schools.

Your every dollar donation goes directly to these children. They have been so blessed by your love and kindness.

May you have joy as you celebrate this Easter Season with your family. Our love for all of you!

For the sponsored children,
Kristina Sunico