Hello Uncle Don and Auntie Cathy,

I already picked up the money this afternoon after of my class. Thank you very much uncle don and auntie cathy , I payed already the down payment and my prelim exam. Only the midterm, pre-final and final will be payed on during before the exam. It has P500 peso left I bought 1 skeny jeans pants and the other left will be my allowance. Thank you so much for helping me uncle don and auntie cathy for my school financial. My parents they were all fine, they are happy for me, they miss you so much. My brothers and sisters are studying, only jojo can’t. He has a baby girl. It look like jojo. Still hot here, very hot because it’s EL Nino. EL Nino means very hot, very dry, Your always thirsty and the sun so very hot. It has no wind. I’m wondering for the rain. always take care.

Gemma and family