Dear Tito Ian and Tita Joy,

How are you there? Everyone here is missing you. We miss all the fun we had during your vacation here. I saw how the kids in our village were happy. I think most of the children here can easily recognize you every time they see you in photos… they say “tito ian and tita joy” and clap their hands. It seems they have seen a tv person but I know it is you. You can see from this how meaningful you were for us; you give us hope to be happy even though life here is simple. I feel like I am the luckiest kid because I was chosen as one of your scholars, which has been such a big help for my family. Instead of saving allowances for my schooling, my mom can spend it on her boys. They don’t cry anymore because they are eat fish 5 times a week instead of dried fish and salt in water. Thank you so much tito Ian! In school I am very active with my assignments and projects. I already paid the whole years tuition fees and bought my P.E. uniform… thank you for the financial support and for helping my big brother Chris. Thank you so much kuya Ian, maybe next week I will send my first grading card so that you will see my grades in school. So, thank you again kuya Ian and give my regards to tita Joy. I always bring you to my prayers every night to take care and God bless.

Truly Yours,