Dear Sponsors and Friends,

How have you been? We hope that you are having a great day as this letter reaches you.

We are so thrilled to hear Christmas carols being played as early as this time, as you know Philippines celebrate Christmas as early as September. We are positive that this will be a good one for us despite the fact that there are still a few typhoons that would hit the country until the end of this year.

You may have heard in the news about the recent typhoon that hit our country (typhoon was locally named Maring). It was really a devastating event as we see homes and properties being destroyed by flood water and lives were taken because of this disaster.

Nevertheless, we are always positive in this kind of situation. We know that other countries also experience disasters and we are just inspired on how they were able to stand up and move forward. We believe that being strong and staying positive are some of the good things that calamities bring us. We are so happy to see that a lot of people give all the help they could offer to all those that have been affected. Knowing that someone is at your back in these troubled times brings you a great hope that everything will be alright.

Classes in Manila and other nearby provinces which have been affected by the typhoon were canceled for a week. School buildings served as evacuation area for those families whose homes have been destroyed by the typhoon. It was just sad that even some of those school buildings that are supposed to serve as evacuation areas were also reached by flood. This thing is a yearly sighting here in the Philippines, but every year brings a different story of hope and courage.

On the other hand, the Meals at School Program still went on in Sua and Maravilla Elementary Schools. We are grateful that the children and their families were somehow spared from the recent disaster since Metro Manila is the one that has been badly hit.

We are grateful for the children and their parents for their usual support and cooperation for the every day feeding program. The children are more than happy to be served delicious and healthy meals every day. It is really great that they are being provided with this healthy meal. Likewise, we are always grateful for all your donations to the Meals at School Program of Give Children Hope. The everyday feeding could not be possible without your generous donations. The thought that you are feeding more than 600 students every school day is just amazing.

We wanted you to know the recent feedings being conducted to these schools. Please do visit Give Children Hope’s Facebook account for the pictures of the everyday Meals at School Program as well as the recent school activities.

Thank you for keeping the Meals at School Program running and for loving the children.

For the sponsored children,

Kristina Sunico-Nobles
For the Give Children Sponsored Children