Dear Give Children Hope sponsors and friends,

We hope you welcomed the new year with a lot of love and wonderful celebrations.

It has been raining in some parts of the northern Philippines and we even welcomed the new year with a lot of rain. Classes resume on January 3 but has been postponed in the Camarines Sur and Albay areas where both are now under the state of calamity.

Tropical depression named Usman brought heavy rains causing flooding and landslides. Death toll has now climbed up to 75 with 12 injured and 16 others missing. Local government and other NGO’s are now preparing relief goods to be sent to the people in the affected areas.

Our two sponsored schools are in the Camarines Sur area and we are praying that all the children, their families, and possessions remain safe. They may have to wait until January 7 to go back to school but their safety is now the priority.

The people affected may have welcomed the new year with heavy hearts but just like in the past, they are positive that they will recover and will look forward to the good things that are in store for them this year.

One student from Sua Elementary School in Camarines Sur keeps his head high despite the damages of the recent calamity. Justine is a grade four student who would like to express his gratitude for the everyday Meals at School Program in his school. In his own words he expressed, “The feeding means a lot to us”. At time when disaster takes away most of what you have, it is very comforting to know that there is still something that you will look forward to. Something that will continue to give you hope. The students of Sua Elementary School may have experienced disaster as they welcome this new year but it is sure that something great will welcome them as they return to school on Monday.

We thank you for being with us in times like this. The warm meals does not only fill hungry stomachs but it sends love to the children and make them feel and know that people care for them from many miles away.

Pictured here is Justine, 4th grader from Sua Elementary School

For the sponsored children,

Kristina Lou Calidayan Sunico-Nobles
Give Children Hope Volunteer
Former Give Children Hope sponsored child

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