Dear Sponsors and Friends of Give Children Hope,

How has your past month been? We’ve been hit by several typhoons in July and many cities were left flooded. There were a number of deaths reported and properties destroyed. It is always expected that the following months beginning in June will be the start of the rainy season. We don’t have just rainy days but typhoon and flooded days. Classes are being cancelled in these particular situations.

I am glad that my town is not really being left flooded after heavy rains or typhoons. There’s a creek within my town which is the only reason why some areas become flooded. I can say that the children in my town are blessed.

In these inclement weather conditions, I can’t help but to always think about the situations in the area of Sua Elementary School and Maravilla Elementary Schools where our sponsored children have their Meals at School programs.

As you have seen from our Give Children Hope Facebook page, the area of Sua Elementary School has a river which causes flood to the entire school during hightide, and even more during typhoon? I have seen how the students, parents and teachers help each other be in comfort as they sweep away the waters that have reached their classrooms.

You can see that they still have smiles on their faces even though they are in this difficult situation. These kids, being Filipinos are small in stature but they have the strength to deal with these kinds of situations. I also think about the parents as they prepare the meals for the students.

During rainy days, they can’t cook outside, so they have to deals with the smoke and heat as they prepare the food inside a room or sometimes on the pavement where there is a small portion of roof to cover them.

This is how much these children and parents are willing to do individual efforts to help the Meals at School program of Give Children Hope. I know that the Meals at School Program has blessed the lives of their children so this is how much they are willing to exert effort to keep this program running. It has made the children in Sua and Maravilla healthier with these critical meals. It has made them have a better grasp of what they are being taught in school as they become more focus, no more hungry stomachs while paying attention to their teachers.

Your every dollar donation for the Meals at School Program of Give Children Hope has been blessing the lives of these children. It goes directly to feed these 600 plus students in these remote parts of the Philippines. We are so thankful for your help to these children, for making them feel loved and for extending your hands as they go through this critical stage in their lives.

Well, this month is the celebration of the “Buwan ng Wika” or National Language Month. I am sure that all the kids will be very very busy as this celebration is one of the most awaited. Every grade level will join contests, participate in school programs, and do all other things as their own schools celebrate this occasion This will give them another reason to be proud of their native tongue and learn and appreciate it more. It is so sweet to think that these children will be busy again sharing their talents and interacting with their schoolmates. Thank you for being part in the important events in these children’s lives.

We love you and thank you for your willingness to help us run the Meals at School Program of Give Children Hope.

Kristina Lou Sunico For the sponsored children
Give Children Hope, Philippines