Dear Sponsors,

June 4 starts a new school year for the children here in the Philippines. There are so many things that they are excited about. To see old and new classmates, to learn new things and to study with their new teachers; these are just some of the things that they look forward to. K12 has been the new education system here in the Philippines since the last year. There are so many things that this systems will teach the children. We are so happy whenever the government makes an extra effort for the betterment of the children here in the Philippines. These children are the most important treasure that this country has.

I have learned that in your country, National Children’s Day is being celebrated (which comes between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) and it largely comes without much notice by most people. This year, I give special recognition to all children throughout the world and how you as sponsors have brought great change to the children receiving your love and critical food and school support.

I commend these children for being responsible in their school work that they do not waste their time but give more attention to their studies after some time for play. I love to see them value the education that is given to them, they work hard to excel and participate well in school. They are lovely children and they recognize the greatness of your help so they value it so much. They are growing to be matured individuals.

A grade 5 student, Macky Almendral, expressed his gratitude for the Meals at School program that it helped him not to get hungry in school (“Happy Father’s Day po dahil may feeding dito sa school at hindi na kami nagugutom”, as he said in tagalog).

Mary Grace Borja, grade 5, also expressed her gratitude with words that said, “We are thankful for the feeding that we always get full stomach” (“Maraming salamat sa feeding dahil dito kami ay nabubusog, dahil sa inyo ay madaming natutulungan, as she expressed in tagalog).

I know that these children can make a big difference in their families, community, and even in our country. Thank you for helping them build their dreams. The love that you are making them feel makes a great difference in their lives though their lives are not easy.

Every dollar you give goes to helping these children be better people someday. We would also like to express our sincerest greetings to all the Father’s, thank you for your love and support.

Kristina Sunico