Hello from the Philippines! I hope things are going well for you all and I hope everyone is in the best of health.

So far, all is well for us. Meals @ School is doing great because parents and teachers are so cooperative. They know it is a great blessing for them and they can’t believe that in these days there are still people from the United States who are doing these acts of kindness for their children.

Kristina Sunico’s second visit was so fun and exciting. We have worked as a team with one purpose in this great cause.

We visited 3 families at random and have listened to their stories. Life for them is so difficult because they are always struggling to have enough food for their children. The Meals @ School Program by Give Children Hope means so much to them because of this.

One mother, Sofia Lavandero, told us that when the Meals @ School Program started in their school (August 9, 2011), her son, Ken, weighed only 15 kilos. Now he weighs 25 kilos… amazing! Hearing her testimony helped me realize how these people really value and appreciate the program.

She also told us that it is a big help to their budget because, instead of spending their money for lunch, she can have it spent for their supper. Her two children are in school, while she prepares the meals, and sometimes they are so full from lunch that they don’t ask for much food at home.

We also have visited with the leader of the Sua school. She welcomed us with warm Filipino hospitality and, although it was an unexpected visit, still she offered us a simple snack.

Anyway, they are very grateful of what Give Children Hope is doing in their school. Many children are a lot happier, more active, and are excited to be in school now. The parents and children are confident and know that they will be all right for the day… that even if they have little, or to some … nothing at all, for breakfast… they will not go hungry because of your generosity.

They also told us that they are sure that the food is clean because they are the ones preparing and cooking the food for their children.

They hope these meals will continue in their school. They ask me after every 3 months if the Meals @ School is still going to stay in their school, and if the answer is YES, they are almost in tears… tears of joy!

A million thanks on behalf of the people of Sua to all the sponsors… to the founder, Don Cooper Sr and his wife Mary, to the President, Dr. Doug Cooper and wife Tatiana, and to a very special couple, Don and Cathy Cooper.

Helen Grace Putong- Agawin
GCH- Camarines Sur