Dear Give Children Hope sponsors and friends,

We hope that the month of January has been very blessed for all of you and your families!

It was also indeed such a blessed start of the year for all the children as Doctor Nolan Cheney, Mary Beth Cheney and Ann Coombs represented Give Children Hope Organization and visited the four sponsored schools to do service dentistry and to spend time with the children. Also, Dolores P. Tirador Elementary School now has benches and tables where the students may enjoy their hot meals daily.

Dental service is expensive in the Philippines. Underprivileged families don’t make this a priority since it will take away a huge chunk from their budget. It may be the very first dental check up for some of the children and we are grateful that Doctor Nolan Cheney did this free for the children.

Children waiting in line to be seen by Dr. Nolan Cheney

Doctor Nolan Cheney, Mary Beth Cheney, and Ann Coombs visiting Sua, Dugcal, Maravilla, and Dolores Tirador Elementary Schools.

Students at Dolores P Tirador Elementary School may now enjoy their hot meals on their new tables and benches. The students used to just find a nice spot around campus and have their meals but now, they’ll be able to sit beside their friends comfortably and enjoy their hot meals.

And on behalf of all the sponsored children, Ghervan Diones would like to thank you all not only for the daily meals but for all the other school needs that you have provided for them. In this 11 year old’s own words, he said “thank you for the daily feeding, you make us healthy, and you give us smile in every mouth of the children, I hope you can make other children smile, too”. This 6th grader really loves the daily feeding and he is happy that he can come to school everyday without worrying about being hungry.

Ghervan Diones, 11 yr old 6th grader from Sua Elementary School

Thank you for everything that you do for the children. We love you!

For the sponsored children,

Kristina Lou Calidayan Sunico-Nobles
Give Children Hope Volunteer
Former Give Children Hope sponsored child

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