Hello to Give Children Hope Friends and Sponsors,

This month has been a great one, despite the typhoon that just hit our country leaving a lot of areas still flooded up to this point in time. Classes have been suspended for 2 days in the Camaligan area. The education department has decided to suspend the class because of the typhoon. Typhoons bring so much rain that it would be difficult and pose a danger, as far as the safety of the students are concerned.

This month really is the “typhoon month” for our country. Classes in the areas under storm signals 1, 2, and 3 (and even those surrounding) needed to be suspended. This kind of season will last up until September though it will still rain the following months. More than 20 typhoons are expected to enter the Philippines in one year.

Not only are the classes affected, but also the majority of the children’s families are greatly affected during these times of the year. Their homes are not always spared from the destruction. Their makeshift dwellings are, most of the time, thrown away by the typhoon and by the strong winds. Then they have to build their house again using the materials which were left and from the scraps which were brought by the typhoon from other places. If you could only imagine these things happening. Imagine your entire home being taken by the strong wind and you cannot save anything but yourself. Imagine that after the typhoon you find yourself in a desperate situation and realize that you will, again, start with nothing. That’s the most common and the most heartbreaking moment in the lives of the people here in the Philippines as we face these natural calamities.

Though the children were affected, they were still able to enjoy the Meals at School Program, which you have provided for them. I am sure that they will be more than excited to go back to school and taste this sweet blessing for them. We are so glad that, even in these troubled times, the students are still blessed with this warm, peaceful feeling that someone cares for their needs.

The children are so blessed because of your love and concern for them. You have been blessing more than 600 children and no one can imagine what impact this could bring to their lives. Your sponsored children in the Dugcal and Maravilla Elementary Schools are doing great and we can see on their faces the happiness and the excitement of being in school. Their life is still very challenging but the Meals at School Program has brought a lot of change. This will always be a part of their lives, and to us who help in making your donations work for these needy children.

Thank you so much for all the effort and all the sacrifices. To see these children happy and to see their lives change for the better is so rewarding. All your donations are a great help in proving for the needs of these children. What great joy it is to be able to feed one, but being able to feed more than 600 hungry children is the greatest!

We hope that you and your family will always be blessed and be happy. We love you all and we are always excited to keep you updated and make sure that your donations are being used in the way you want it to.

From the Give Children Hope sponsored children,
Kristina Sunico