Dear Sponsors and Friends,

Greetings from the Philippines.

Sua and Maravilla Elementary School student’s summer vacation is almost over. Regardless of what they have economically every child and parent is busy preparing for the next school year buying school supplies, uniforms, and keeping themselves enrolled in their respective schools.

Classes in public schools all over the country will start on June 4, 2012.

Sua Elementary School is looking forward to your undying generosity through the Meals @ School Program. I have received messages from the parents asking me if the Meals @ School program will still be continued in their school.

The total balance in our budget at the close of the last school year was 861.30 Php. (or $20), but now, thanks to you wonderful sponsors and supporters, we now have received your Give Children Hope funding in the amount of $2,000!! So now we have $2,020 for the Meals at School program for June through August of this school year. Maravilla School has been provided similar Give Children Hope funding that Sua School here in Camarines, Sur has received.

I teach community college Spanish Classes here in the Philippines and work ten hours a day as an instructor but I owe all my success to my early elementary school child sponsorship I received from Give Children Hope’s Philippines programs. Camarines Sur is a very poor province here in Camarines Sur and this program gave me a chance to rise about the poverty we have everywhere here. Thank so much for the love and support you give the children here.

May you all be blessed for this great work you are doing for the children.

Helen Grace Agawin,
Give Children Hope