February 12,2011 was a very special day for the students and teachers of Maravilla Elementary School as once again they received a cash donation from their generous sponsors for the continuation of their Feeding Program.

This gift came at an opportune time when students and teachers are gearing up for the annual National Achievement Test(N.A.T) scheduled this month of March. This Test assesses the competency of both public and private elementary schools in the Philippines.

Studies have shown that properly nourished children perform better than those who don’t. Feeding them with healthy and nutritious foods will help sharpen their minds and stabilize their energy.

Children that are healthy also maintain a happy disposition.

The school was also thankful that the foundation allowed them to purchase a refrigerator to be used for the feeding program. This is necessary because teachers will no longer have to go to the market on a daily basis, thus saving them time and money.

These children will always be grateful for the kindness and generosity of its donors and your continued support for the program will ensure that these children will have a brighter future.