Hello, Well, we are back in Australia and miss the kids in the Philippines already. Thank you for trusting in us and giving all your support to the projects at Maravilla Elementary School. We want to send a big “thank you” to the people who raise money and give their donations to Give Children Hope. Without them, the decisions of who to help and where to help cannot be made. I know all the information and photos I send will show them that their money is getting very well spent, and helping in ways they will never know. Because of such programs as the free feeding, you can see the children have bigger smiles. I have some letters here some pupils have handwritten and thanked everyone. In these letters they say how much more they are motivated to learn and go to school now. Such positive showing of their emotions! The biggest reason they are motivated, is because they know somebody cares about them. If someone is willing to donate to them, they are going to make you proud of them by studying hard. The gardening program at the school is well under way and that, also, has had a positive effect on both parents as well as the school. There seems to have been a spark of hope ignited in their little community. There is still some skeptic people there wondering if anything will work, but I am sure when they see positive results, they too will want to join in.

Ian Horton