Dear Give Children Hope sponsors and friends,
This month may have welcomed us with heavy rains but we are still very excited as we near the end of this year. We feel nothing but blessed from all of your generosity. We look forward to the many more years of you being part of each of the student’s lives.
This month’s featured student is truly one-of-a-kind. Arvin Baylon is a 19-year-old first grader from Sua Elementary School. He lives with his mom who works as a laundrywoman and has not yet seen his father.
When Arvin was in kindergarten, he barely talks. He would just stare at anyone who tries to talks to him. Since being a recipient of the daily meals, teachers from Sua noticed a huge physical and behavioral improvement on him. They noticed that he is a lot happier and now tries to respond whenever someone talks to him. They just let him eat to his heart’s desire. He said he is happy to be in school because he is getting fed. When asked about his favorite food from the program, he would always respond “goto” and “macaroni”
We hope that Arvin’s smile on this photo made you feel wonderful. You are a big part of his improvement. Students like Arvin deserves a sanctuary where he feels loved and cared for.
Your generosity and love have truly macde an impact on Arvin’s life.
Arvin Baylon, 19-year-old first grader from Sua Elementary School

We love you,
For the sponsored children,
Kristina Lou Calidayan Sunico-Nobles
Give Children Hope Volunteer
Former Give Children Hope sponsored child

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