This is Nanette Demesa a mother of 7 children, and a housewife. She is one of the mothers who we can always count on to help with the Meals @ School Program of Give Children Hope. While waiting for the break time of the students to have their meals, I was able to talk to her. Her husband is a fisherman in the nearby river where they live. He is earning a minimum of 70 pesos per day (less than 2 dollars) with his catch after selling them to his neighbors. And because he sells them he has less fish for his family to eat. With this money they can buy 2 kilos of rice. And this is for a 2 meal consumption of the family per day.

They are so grateful for the program of Give Children Hope Meals @ School everyday. It helps them out a lot. She has 3 children who benefit from it. Before the program, going to school her children would only have a cup of coffee and would be so happy if there was a piece of pandesal (bread) that went with it, but because of the everyday Meals @ School program, her children go home with a full stomach. So instead of cooking 1 kilo of rice for the entire family for lunch, she only cooks ¾ kilo so she saves ¼ kilo a day. This is a big saving for her family.

Her grade 2 son has improved his health and has gained a kilo already… from 14 now he weighs 15 kilos. This is the mother who always comes with her 4 year old son who also enjoys the meals. Her eldest daughter is now 4th year in High School and when asked what her plans are, she said she’ll work after graduating from high school… no hope to be in college. It is not in their minds because life is so hard for them. Hopefully we can change that misconception with our giving and our support.