Good Day to all of you, I’m Christy Cabucos one of the honor student of Maravilla Elementary school and graduated last march.We are very privilege that we are part now of give children hope foundation I’m very thankful because even I’m already graduated there is still a lots of children’s and my younger siblings will benefits with this opportunity,Maam Joy and Sir Ian Horton has also a beautiful heart , they have donated 4 box of books and they were the one build our own library for us to study our lesson and do our home work fast and easy and last February we have receive 1000$ from give children’s hope in which the money will goes to the project of school which is the piggery and the cost of it will be for development of school therefore our school payment will be free this a good opportunity not only for my fellow children but also for our parents, Life here in village is not easy you have to work hard in order to eat 3 times a day my parents are both farmer and we just depend on farm, sometimes I was pushed to absent in school because I need to take care of my younger siblings, we are six children in the family and I’m the youngest girl that’s why I’m very oblige to do my responsibilities’ as eldest daughter. every day I go to school without money and I just bring boiled banana or sweet potatoes as my snacks but I don’t mind those things the important thing is what I have learned inside the classroom I’m very eager to study hard because I wanted to help my parents someday but sad to say we only end up to high school that’s the only education our parents can afford after that we push to work in the city as housemaid in order to sustain our family’s basic needs, I’m still young and I have so many dreams not only for myself but also for my family I hope someday I will be successful not as housemaid but to be teacher I wanted to help my fellow children,and i always praying that God will give you and your family a good health and wealth so because I know you have a good heart and many more hungry children s are worth for you help.

God Bless you always.

Sincerely yours,