Dear Give Children Hope sponsors and friends,

We hope you are having a wonderful day! The school year 2020-2021 is supposed to start in June but it was moved to August 24 because of the current health crisis. Though the government already announced the supposed opening of classes, there are still some possibilities of it being moved to a further date or be canceled. The Department of Education has proposed different possible mediums on how the children can push through with this school year. On example is to have an online class but not everyone has access to the internet. This decision may still be in limbo but we are hoping for everything to work out fine. 

This month’s feature student is Fe Delgado from Maravilla Elementary School. She is the youngest of the five siblings. She and her elder sister are under the care of her aunt who is a single mother with her sick and bedridden grandmother also living with them. Her aunt does not have a stable job and only gets to work on the farm every harvest season and earns P200.00 (USD4.00) a day. In her own words, she shares “Our life is very hard because there are times that I need to go to sleep without eating our dinner since we do not have rice and viand to cook. Luckily, every morning at Maravilla Elementary School since I was in kinder, we are fed with hot snacks from Give Children Hope USA. We are very thankful that we can eat bread and sometimes drink hot chocolate during recess time and there is no need to have “baon” (money to buy snacks). I pray to God that Give Children Hope will continue to support Maravilla Elementary School and they will be blessed with so abundant blessings so that they can continue to help the young children in the Philippines. We love you Give Children Hope.”

We hope that Fe’s words filled with gratitude and hope will make you feel loved. Thank you for thinking about the children and for being one of the reasons why they continue to do their best and dream of achieving success.

For the sponsored children,
Kristina Lou Calidayan Sunico-Nobles
Former Give Children Hope sponsored child