As a young Filipino girl, life has been very difficult for me and my family. Then when we were on the edge of despair, I rejoiced that I was chosen as a sponsor child with Give Children Hope.
The child sponsorship blessed my life. I had good food to eat and funds to attend and complete school. It gave me hope that someone cared.

Thanks to my caring sponsors, I have been fortunate to receive a good education, knowing both Tagolog, our official Filipino language, and the English language almost equally well.

Ive been so blessed that now I help with this urgent message to you to help sponsor a child. I also write monthly letters for the Give Children Hope sponsored children. Every sponsor receives a new email from me every month. These letters give you news that link you to your sponsored girl or boy.

I was fortunate to have sponsors who cared and loved me. But there are many hundreds of children I know within a mile of where I live here in Manila who are suffering from hunger and lack of funds to attend school.

Should you or someone you know like to sponsor a child send Give Children Hope your name and address to us…..e mail us at

Kristina Sunico