We received a letter from Kristina Sunico our Manilla director

“Flood is always a part of the rainy season here, it would enter the house, it would wet things inside the house, and it would be knee high , those are just normal things…but this time is a very different one. No one thought of how extreme the situation would be. The flood came up in just a matter of minutes. up to the neck until it covered the whole bungalo….to the roof and eventually covering the entire village. This description is no exaggeration. We witnessed it all with our own eyes. People screaming babies crying, cars and appliances are floating and flying like toys …trees smashing it was like what we see in the movies. It has been really devastating. But there are many things we are thankful for. We are grateful that we are alive. There is a lot of damage to our homes but those things don’t matter when we have our lives and families. The sponsored children of Give Children Hope are in a better condition. Our testimony of Gods love and faith in His power was so much strengthened ….in spite of the devastation ..there are many reasons to smile.

Kristina Sunic