Dear Give Children Hope,

I was in Sua Elementary School early yesterday morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. Since it was a Monday, I got to attend their flag ceremony.

I told the Principal, Mrs. Cordez, that we will be giving them a 3 month extension of the “Meals @ School Program” in Sua. She was so happy along with the teachers and, most of all, the parents who were there to help for the day. The parents were exceptionally grateful for this good news.

I also visited with the Barangay Captain of Sua in her place of residence just situated near the school… about 150 meters away. She told me that she had wished that we could meet, so that she could personally thank Give Children Hope for this big blessing Sua Elementary School has for having this wonderful program.

She shared with me one of her programs for her people, one which helps feed undernourished children in Sua. In order for this program to be realized they have to have the funds for this project. She asks her 19 barangay officers to contribute 100 pesos (about 2 dollars and 20 cents) each, every month, so that each month they have 1,900 pesos (45 dollars) to spend for this program.

When she heard about the Meals @ School Program by Give Children Hope, it was a great shock to her… “a great blessing from heaven,” she said. She was surprised that it just came to their place and that no one had solicited it. I invited her to always come and see how it is running… and she said she has already done so. In fact, she enjoyed a meal already with the children. It was a very good visit with her. She also now supports the program!

As soon as I get the money I will send our financial report. I have found out yesterday too that they will also have a short semestral break for a week. They will resume their classes on Nov. 3, 2011, after Memorial Day.

This is my report for the month of October.

I hope everyone is doing well and happy. We give you many thanks for all these things you are doing for the Filipino children.

Helen Grace Putong- Agawin
GCH- Cam. Sur