Dear Give Children Hope,

I was on my way to visit Sua Elementary School last Thursday… I left the house at 6:30 am. Sheryl and I, with her youngest son Andrei (age 5), went together to Sua. We rode a tricycle with all the things needed for the Meals @ School program. When we arrived, some boys were already waiting for us along the highway to help carry all the stuff we had. They were all so eager to carry the goods towards the school! They do this every day, early in the morning before the bell rings… so impressive!!! That is how they show they appreciate and are grateful for the program.

At about 7 am, the high tide comes in so we look for a place to situate the stove so that we are not bothered by the tide. I have suggested to the Principal that we hold a meeting every end of the month with all the teachers. That way we can talk about how we can better serve the children and if they have any good suggestions and concerns that need to be addressed. I have taken some pictures of these meetings last Thursday with 100% attendance. They are all very eager to see and meet the people behind this program. They all hope that someday you can come to visit them.
The Meals at School Program here is doing well and organized and, most of all, everybody is cooperating and happy. We feel the true meaning of service, from the students, parents teachers and the School Principal. They all hope that this will continue in their school.

On behalf of Sua Elementary School, I thank you all for the kindness and help you are extending, especially to these children. I am doing the best I can to help GCH’s mission be fulfilled. You can always be assured that the fund goes to them 100%…this I have promised you, and as always, may you all be blessed a hundred fold because you share.

Helen Grace Putong-Agawin
GCH-Camarines Sur